Truluck’s Catering

I first heard about Truluck's a couple years ago and it's a place I added to my foodie bucket list, but haven't made it to quite yet. I'm told that the seafood there is phenomenal. 

I was recently at an event at WGN Radio that was catered by Truluck's. I've been a brand ambassador for WGN radio this past year and we were invited to sit in on a live interview by John Williams with Leigh Steinberg, the legendary sports agent who was inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. It was a fascinating interview and an honor to meet him. 

Before we went in to the studio, we enjoyed lunch from Truluck's - some chicken with a cream sauce, shrimp with pasta, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and caesar salad with lovely chocolate boxes filled with berries and fresh whipped cream for dessert. It was a delicious lunch and now I want to get into one of their locations even more. They're in Chicago and Rosemont and there are also several locations in Texas and Florida. For more info, visit