Merchant’s Restaurant in Nashville

On a recent trip to Nashville, we had a couple free hours before we had to head to the airport, so I suggested we make our way downtown and have a drink and a bite at one of the lively country bars. 

Well, once we were making our way down the street, hubby decided he'd rather dine in a quieter place. Just as he made that statement we were walking past Merchant's Restaurant. 

The second floor restaurant focuses on luxurious fine dining and the lower floor is a busy bistro with upscale eats. We had eaten not long before (a family-style feast at Monell's!) and just wanted a light bite. 

While we perused the menu, we were brought a carafe of cold water and a tin of herb-seasoned popcorn to munch on while we waited. We didn't wait long at all, though, once we ordered. 

We decided to split a double cheeseburger with some fries and paired it with a local brew - Yazoo Hefeweizen, which I loved and sadly won't be able to find at home.

I've had my share of burgers - gourmet, fast food-versions, blended meat burgers, fast casual, flat and crispy ones and thick and juicy ones. This double had thinner patties, but made with very good-quality beef with cheese oozing down the sides and a "secret sauce." 
I normally don't get burgers at a fine-dining spots or more upscale venues because there are so many other good menu selections and specials to choose from, but I'm glad I picked this. I'd spent the past three days stuffing myself on lots of Southern food and this was a filling meal that didn't involve gravy or grits or fried chicken or cornbread, which I had been indulging in way too much. 

The building is beautiful and historic (it dates back to 1872) and if you're looking to tuck into a quieter spot for a leisurely, sophisticated meal among the many loud and rowdy honky tonks along Broadway, this is the place to go.

Merchant's Restaurant
401 Broadway
Nashville, TN