Goodies at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Last week I set out for Kenosha, Wisconsin with the family. It's one of my favorite getaway spots. It's less than an hour and a half from my south suburban home - much closer for those in Chicago and other suburbs. Besides the close proximity, there is so much to do. Many of the attractions are free. It's close to lake. And...there's always good food to be found. In one day, I hit not only the Bristol Renaissance Faire, but also made it to a lakeside festival dedicated to food - the Taste of Wisconsin.

So, in this blog post, I just wanted to point out a couple specialties you'll find at the faire. At some summer venues, you'll find hot dogs and hamburgers and ice cream not much else. Not here. There are tons of food options and they go way beyond the standard summer fair. Shepard's Pie. Crepes. Turkey legs. Gyros. Artichokes. Mushrooms. Teriyaki chicken on a stick. Ribeye steak sandwiches. And much, much, much, much more.

I love portabella mushrooms, so when I noticed the grilled portabella mushroom sandwich, I had to try it out. The focaccia bun was a great base and the diced tomatoes were a nice accompaniment. It's a great vegetarian option and I highly recommend it.

One thing the faire is known for is the giant turkey drumsticks. I didn't try them out, but snapped a shot by grabbing a guy walking by and saying "Stop, let me take a picture of your legs."

And while you'll find lots of good eats, there's so much more to enjoy at the fair. Like the fun shows:

And the beautiful grounds:

And shopping galore: 

The faire is open weekends and closes on Labor Day for the year, so get yer heinie up to Kenosha! Find more information at


  1. Come back and explore more of Kenosha sometime. The lakefront with the museums is really nice. There are great lake views at various parks. And you could have a snack at Trolley Dogs, Scoops (ice cream), Franks Diner, Common Grounds, Villa De Carlo, Kaisers Pizza, Chars Cafe or Pazzo's, for instance.

  2. I love Kenosha. We always visited a couple museums and the Jelly Belly on our trips up there. I've been to Franks Diner, Trolley Dogs and Villa De Carlo...all great dining choices. Love House of Gerhard, too! And the Brat Stop.


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