Steak and eggs, anyone?

I am not a big breakfast eater. I know. I know. It's the most important meal of the day. But, I'm really not very hungry first thing in the morning. By 11 a.m. I may be ready for a piece of toast, but I don't often eat a big breakfast. However, that doesn't mean I don't like breakfast food. I love eggs, especially. French toast is another I favorite. Pancakes I'm not crazy about, unless they have blueberries or chocolate chips in the batter. Waffles...I could take of leave them. Cereal...I have to be pretty desperate. When I do have eggs or french toast or pancakes, I really like to have bacon or sausage with them. And once in a while, steak is a pretty good companion, too.

This is a lunch that hubby made on the grill. Eggs are his specialty. I love his scrambled eggs, especially when he adds in lots of veggies and meat and cheese. He likes cooking on the grill with his cast iron skillets. Me? I don't like them so much, pretty much for the simple reason that they are a terrible chore to clean. But, when he's cooking, scrambled eggs in a cast iron skillet on the grill are just fine with me. And then when he throws on a steak to go with it, it's that much better.