Rocky Mountain Popcorn offers Notta Tin for holiday season

I love that in writing my food blog I get introduced to so many new foods. For example, Rocky Mountain Popcorn. I had never heard of the company until I got an e-mail about the Notta Tin that is now available. I am a big popcorn person. I cannot go to a movie without having popcorn to go with it. And likewise, at home, when I'm watching television I often have a bowl or bag of popcorn by my side.

When making it on my own, it's usually from the hot air popper with minimal butter and salt. Sometimes a little Parmesan cheese gets sprinkled on top. But I also love flavored popcorns. Cheesy stuff is my favorite. Some people would do anything for a Klondike bar. I'd do anything for a bag of cheese popcorn from Garrett's. And I'm looking forward to giving Rocky Mountain Popcorn a try.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company has an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional popcorn tin made from recycled fiber. That sounds great to me. While a big tin of popcorn for the holidays is great, I always found that the tins would get pushed to a dusty corner of the basement or garage and never really used again. I like the green alternative that is sturdy enough for storage, but that you can also re-recycle (is that a word?) if you wish. With their Notta Tins, you can select three of their seven flavors, which include White Cheddar, Cinnamon Sugar, Caramel, Naked, Butter, Jalapeno and Kettle. They're also gluten free.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn company has been popping bags of ready-to-eat popcorn for 20 years. The product is sold nationwide at grocery, natural food, drug, convenience and warehouse clubs. You can also purchase it online at I just looked at their site and saw that they're offering free bags of the cinnamon sugar flavor if you get three friends to like their page! Cool!

And today I got a nice surprise of a box than contained a Notta Tin filled with big and little bags of all their flavors. I can't wait to dig in after the kids are in bed. I'm starting with white cheddar.