Becky hosts a barbecue

So, last weekend one of the foodie sisters, Becky, hosted a barbecue at her home. It was kind of an event to  introduce our family to the family of her boyfriend. His mom is from Michigan and brought heirloom tomatoes from a neighbor and made potato salad with potatoes from her friend's organic farm and eggs from her own chickens. It was delicious!

Here are a few shots of the spread. There were so many desserts...I'm not sure how I got out of there without snapping more pictures of them.

A sampling of the goodies. :)

Heirloom tomatoes...aren't they beautiful?

These cupcakes were INCREDIBLE...made by Becky's friend, Zoya. They were chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry mousee filling and cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

And from a nearby eatery, Becky ordered a big container of Italian ice. Good stuff!