Chocolates and ice cream and fresh whipped cream, oh my!

Tonight in scanning food blogs, I came across one that had a video on making homemade whipped cream. It made me think of the delicous whipped cream that is made at a local ice cream parlor called Gayety's. It originated in Chicago in the 1920's and is now located in Lansing, Illinois. You can get a variety of sweet treats there - and my favorite is the Muddle, with their hand made ice cream and fresh whipped cream, caramel, hot fugde and pecans. The fresh whipped cream is what makes it...and as I type this I am totally tempted to drive over there and order one.

A mini muddle sundae - my favorite Gayety's treat.

The candy counter.

More candy!

Visit their website, to see more about what they have to offer or to order some of their chocolates online. I just noticed that I am quoted on their testimonials page. :)

UPDATE: I did make the drive over there! It was GOOOOOOOOOD!