Taste of Wisconsin offers some great sites, smells and flavors

A couple weeks ago I was planning a short trip up to Kenosha Wisconsin to the Bristol Renaissance Faire - and I knew the food would be one of the highlights. Then I realized that the Taste of Wisconsin festival was happening that weekend, too. So, we worked in a little time there to explore the dozens of food vendors.

It's been years since I've been to Taste of Chicago. It's a fun time, but super crowded and very expensive. You either have to plan on taking public transportation or parking pretty far away and paying a lot for parking. The Taste of Wisconsin had the things I love of about a food festival and none of the headaches I didn't like in attending Taste of Chicago. We went later in the day and were able to park very close for free. The fest took place at Celebration Place, so it was overlooking the lake. There were plenty of vendors and a good crowd, but not wall to wall people and long, winding lines. You didn't have to buy tickets for your food and divy them up and each booth. You paid cash for your items. There were some bounce houses to entertain the kids and several bands. There was no gate admission. It was a great way for a foodie to spend a couple hours. We sampled kettle corn, ice cream, potato pancakes, weiner schnitzel, pork sliders, elephant ears, burgers and of course, some cheese. I wouldn't mind heading back up there next year to revisit the fest. Here's some visuals of what was there:


  1. Looks like fun! I am there with you on the smaller Taste festivals. I went to the Taste of Chicago years ago and it was overwhelming, hot, and expensive. I like the smaller festivals. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Wish I was there! So many delicious dishes to try. Glad you enjoyed your day!


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