Three Stooges Lemonade Pie is an easy summer treat

This past spring I made a lemonade pie I'd found online ( It was called Mile High Lemonade Pie. I made it for the kids and they decided it resembled the pies that the Three Stooges throw at each other in the old black and white shows....and it was around the time that the Three Stooges movie was coming out in theaters. So, the name stuck. When I made it, we called it Three Stooges Lemonade Pie.

When I posted on making it the first time, it became one of my most read posts - I whipped it up again recently for a family barbecue and snapped some pictures. So, I thoughts I'd post again about this delicious NO BAKE treat that is perfect for summer.

It seriously could not be any easier!

2 graham cracker crusts
3 8-oz. containers of whipped topping
1 12-oz can lemon concentrate, thawed
2 14-oz. cans sweetened, condensed milk

Empty whipped topping into a large bowl. Fold in cans of milk. Then add lemonade concentrate. Mix well by hand and pour into crusts. Let chill for a couple hours in refrigerator and it's done. Makes two pies.


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