Mama P's Ho Ho Cake

While in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago, we had to stop at a gas station to fill up before leaving Kenosha. We'd passed Lou Perrine's Gas & Grocery and somewhere along the line I remember reading something about baked items that were sold there that were really good. I asked a local and was informed that they had a Ho Ho Cake - it's a cake that tastes like the Hostess rolled snack cake.

So, we stopped for gas and I ran in to see what the Ho Ho Cake was all about. I found Mama P's slices of Ho Ho Cakes and brownies and grabbed one of each. They also had full cakes for sale - original or topped with candy bits. It's such a decadent treat and does taste like a Ho Ho, but much better.

The gas station dates back to 1954 and it's still in the same family. On the website there's a story about Mama P coming up with a Ho Ho cake for her son's birthday years ago - and it was a hit! Stop in if you're in Kenosha and give a Mama P's Ho Ho cake a try.

Lou Perrine's Gas & Grocery
5145 Sheridan Road

You've got to love a treat that has "love" listed as an ingredient.