Dixie Kitchen

I've now been to the new Dixie Kitchen twice since the move to their location a little further south on Torrence Avenue in Lansing. For years they were about 6 blocks north - and had other locations, among them the one in Hyde Park that Barack Obama frequented before he moved to D.C.

Each thing I have tried has been delicious - and the one thing that I can't get my mind off of are the Johnny Cakes. They're brought to the table when you're seated - like a basket of rolls would be delivered at other places. These slightly sweet corn cakes are served warm with butter and I could literally eat my weight in them if no one stopped me. :)

My most recent visit was with my friend Michelle. It was later in the evening after we'd both had dinner - but we both wanted something light. She ordered a bowl of gumbo. I got a ceasar side salad and a side of macaroni and cheese along with a glass of sweet tea. The macaroni and cheese there is amazing - its gooey and has a smokey flavor that I love. So, yeah...this is my new spot to hit when I just want to load up on carbs.

If you've never been there, but you're a fan of southern food, you're sure to find something you'll like on the menu.

Dixie Kitchen
17949 Torrence Ave.
Lansing, IL
(708) 474-1378