Rick Bayless' Xoco

So it's National Margarita Day. It got me thinking about some of the places where I've had really good margaritas. One instantly came to mind - Xoco. And I went to look it up on the blog and realized I never posted about my visit there with my sister-in-law to celebrate her birthday. So, I figured I should do that now.

Xoco is one of the ventures by Chef Rick Bayless. Rick Bayless is my favorite celebrity chef. Even though Mexican isn't my very favorite ethnic food, I love watching him cook. He has this laid back Mr. Rogers-like way about him that makes him so pleasant to listen to. And he is so passionate - and people who are super passionate about something make you want to listen, no matter what the topic is.

Not long before this stop I had visited Frontera Grill with my sister and brother-in-law and had an amazing meal. Xoco had some items very similar to what we'd had at Frontera, but in a more casual, relaxed space.

Anyway, we were taking a walk after seeing a play and stumbled across Xoco and had to stop. We didn't have a huge meal because we'd actually gone for Asian food before the play. We split an order of sopes, which I love, and a milanesa torta. And we enjoyed some margaritas with it. Then she got a birthday churro with a candle in it. She actually had another birthday this week - I think it's time to celebrate with some more margaritas. 

Go to rickbayless.com for more on his restaurants.