Shake Shack

In my scan of pictures on my phone, I noticed I had some pics of Shake Shack, but that I hadn't posted about it. I think I've made three trips there now - and each time I really enjoyed the juicy burger that had a little bit of crispiness on edge of the patty. Cheese was fully melted and gooey. On the last visit my sister and I were in the middle of a foodie field trip in the city and really had to pace ourselves, so we just split a burger and skipped the fries and shake we normally would have gotten.

I also love entering into the building of the Michigan Avenue location (in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel) which has a stunning staircase. It's just one of several Chicago locations (there's one in Oak Brook, too) and one of many worldwide location.

If you're a burger lover and haven't yet visited the Shake Shack, you will probably love it. Get over there and try it out. And tell them that the Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you. ;)