Submarine Port

My son and I were in the car at lunchtime one day recently, both a bit hungry and as we were making our way along I-94, I suggested getting off in South Holland for a sandwich at Submarine Port followed by dessert at Cunis Candies.

He was game and I was excited. It had been a long time since I'd had Submarine Port. I used to stop there once a in a while when I was attending classes at South Suburban College or when I worked in South Holland for several years. The town has a special place in my heart. I grew up next door in the community of Dolton. My parents went to church in South Holland and had many friends there. I worked there for many years. In 2003 I even authored a book on South Holland for the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing and loved learning about the history of the village.

I always enjoyed getting a simple sandwich there - usually a ham or turkey served cold with oil and vinegar on one of those fresh rolls. The sandwiches are as good now as I remember them. I had a roast beef sandwich this time and my son and I split mozzarella sticks. He enjoyed his barbecue beef sandwich. I really wanted soup, but knew that would be too much. I've had their soup on past visits and it's always good. If you're a soup fan, they have a regular schedule there so you can find out what variety that have each day of the week.

For a reasonably-priced lunch that is fresh and satisfying, keep Submarine Port in mind.

Submarine Port
617 E. 162nd St.
South Holland IL