Jack’s Donuts

I have been on the road a bit in the start of the new year and whenever we travel, food is a big focus. Like I plan the trip around meals. For real. 

We did a little road trip recently just northeast of Indianapolis and spent most of our time in Madison County. As were were heading out of town to head home, we stopped at a gas station in Anderson and I saw a sign for Jack's Donuts. We usually bring home some kind of foodie souvenir for the kids, so I decided to drop in and pick some up for the boys.

It was hard not to dig in. Even in our after lunch stop, there were enough to choose from that I got a dozen and none are duplicates. They all looked amazing. I finally gave in and tried a bite of a glazed chocolate, which was delicious. I resisted the urge to continue. But one of the selection was one I intended to save for me - the cronut. I'm way late to that craze and it was the first one I had ever tried. I can see why the hype exists. Loved those flaky layers under that thick sugary glaze. 

I learned that Jack's started in New Castle, Indiana in the early 1960s. It's been around for more than 60 years now and has grown to over 20 locations, mostly in and around Indianapolis - although you'll also find it a little farther out in Fort Wayne, Kokomo and South Bend, too. If you find yourself in Central Indiana, be sure to seek out a Jack's Donuts location and give them a try!