Mishkenut Mediterranean: Munster, IN

While running some errands around the Indiana/Illinois border, I decided to hit a place I had only been twice before - many, many years ago. It was where I first tried falafel (I later used the name of the food in the title of my children's book Waffle Likes Falafel). It's called Mishkenut.

My favorite Mediterranean spot, The Simple Greek, which was located in the same town of Munster, closed a few months ago and I'm still sad about it. So, I've been stopping at different similar places to get my fill of what I miss.

They had a lunchtime combo that I saw on a sign facing the parking lot as I entered. Although the price has now increased from what it shows by two dollars, it's still a hearty portion of food for $9.95. It was a nice sampling of meats with a salad, rice, hummus, pita and falafel. 

For more info, go to mishkenut.com.