Wellness post: What's in Your Water?

My sister and I have been on wellness journeys the last few years.  Little by little, we've changed our eating habits, our views on what is healthy and have learned to enjoy being active outdoors, year round.  Part of that wellness journey has been a lot of reading, researching and putting small things into my routine.  I'd love to share all the small hacks I've found to feel better, have less inflammation, lose weight, improve my immunity, mental health and more!  This will be the first in a wellness series about things that I am doing in my days that have gotten me from in pain, overweight and struggling with mental health to 90% less pain, weighing less and feeling positive and happier than ever before!

One thing all the experts recommend is drinking enough water, which I have always struggled to do.  And the quality of your water matters as well- filtered water is best for your body.  Why is filtered water best?  In the US, our water system are old, aging and use lead pipes, let alone that many portions of the country don't provide safe drinking water (think of Flint, MI).  Don't underestimate how much of an impact high-quality filtered water can have on your body and how you feel!

Yet, I hate buying plastic water bottles for both the cost and the environmental impact.  I've invested in quite a few water bottles and ways to filter water over the years and I thought I'd share what I currently use.  I invested in a Brita filtering pitcher for my family. It's a great capacity and you can buy long-lasting filters that you don't have to change for 6 months.  We all love the taste of the water from it and it's just become a habit for the kids to use this to get their own water.  We keep ours on the counter, but you could easily store it in the refrigerator.  

This is the exact pitcher we have: https://amzn.to/3IpHiOO

This is the long-lasting filters we use: https://amzn.to/416DA3W

Go enjoy some fresh, filtered water!  No mater how you get your filtered water, it is a simple change and worthwhile, inexpensive investment in your and your family's health! :)

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