Wellness Post: Earth-Conscious Filtered Water On-the-Go!

Back today for some more thoughts on getting our water intake, getting quality water and getting it on-the-go!  

There are so many good reasons to keep ourselves hydrated, from the skin benefits to our mental health.  I have struggled with drinking enough water in my days.  One good suggestion is to always have a water bottle with you, so I've tried to bring one whenever I leave the house- and for everyone in the house, too!  I hated the plastic waste of buying plastic water bottles, and also hated spending money on the water I was already spending money on in my house!

I've really tried dozens of water bottles, but when it comes to filtered water on-the-go, these Britax filtered water bottles are the best I've found.  Each bottle has its own small filter that fits inside the straw, so you are filtering your water each time you take a sip!  I just got myself another one of these in blush and I'm really loving it!  We are going on a trip in March and we will all have these water bottles- empty to fill up at the airport and attached to our backpacks, and along for our entire trip so we don't have to pay for expensive filtered water and can feel good about the water we are drinking anywhere we go!

Here is the exact filtered bottle I have: https://amzn.to/3YYgN8F

Here are the filters when it needs a replacement, but they really last a long time!  https://amzn.to/3jU1vD6

I'm enjoying talking about different aspects of wellness in our lives and will be back with more tips and tricks soon!

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