Wellness post: Immunity support

This time of year is a lot of hand-washing and just hoping that the bad bugs don't come to our house!  I am always searching for ways to boost our immunity.  I think the most popular method is vitamin C, like Emergen-C.  We have some of that around the house. :)  There are also things you might not think of- like taking a regular multi-vitamin regularly, doing a detox every now and again to rid your body of toxins, and meditation, which are all simple things you can do to boost your immunity year-round.

Something I stumbled upon recently that has seemed to really help me this year is Host Defense's MyCommunity Immune Support supplements.  They are made of many strains of mushrooms, and the mycelium in the mushrooms is what provides the immune support.  It's a product that has won awards and has some third-party peer-reviewed research behind it.  If you're finding yourself going for the elderberry tea and vitamin C, maybe add this to your list of things to help give your immune system a boost during the winter months!


Here is the link: https://amzn.to/3xrJLC4

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