Salads and sandwiches to savor at Nelson's

We love to take drives up to Michigan and hang out for a day to shop and eat and spend some time outdoors. Often our trips include a stop at Nelson's Saloon in Three Oaks. My husband loves the overall feel of the town. It reminds him of Mayberry...especially when we stop at Nelson's for lunch and one of the two cops in town is there having a bowl of soup.

Nelson's is a little pub with a decent-sized menu of common bar food, but way better than standard bar food. It's become a frequent lunch stop for us because of mainly one menu item - the Reuben. It's fantastic! I can hardly convince myself to try anything else on the menu because it's just that good. Sometimes we'll split a chef salad with our sandwich, which again is above average for a bar salad. My only complaint is that the bacon bits aren't the real thing.

This is the patty melt my mother-in-law had on a recent visit.

And here's the Reuben I love so much. Doesn't it make you want one?


  1. Yes, your photo does make me want a reuben! (And a beer)Love your site!


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