It's blueberry picking time

For several years, our family has made a trip each year to Michigan City, Indiana to pick blueberries. Of all the u-picks we've been to (which includes everything from strawberries to beans to apples to peaches to pickles to pumpkins,) I think blueberry picking is my favorite. The big bushes have berries from the ground up, so no matter who's picking, whether big or small, you're going to find something within reach. They're also easier to pick off the bushes than say, strawberries, which you have to tenderly twist without bruising and crushing. 

And then there's the goodies you make once you get home. We try to get about ten pounds on our visits, although this year I think we'll set our goal a little higher. At least half get washed and go in the freezer to use mainly for blueberry pancakes  and blueberry muffins throughout the year.

The rest we wash and put in the fridge, except for what we share with the neighbors and our parents. We throw some in yogurt, maybe make a few smoothies, perhaps a coffee cake or two and put some in a pie, either alone or mixed with raspberries and strawberries. Nothing smells quite as wonderful as a triple berry pie in the oven. This year, I may try blueberry jam and blueberry syrup for the first time.

So, most years we have gone to State Line Blueberries, which we really love. Last year, we somehow turned off course and ended up down the road and were surprised to come across Blueberries of Indiana in La Porte. We were actually kind of lost and weren't sure how to find State Line Blueberries, but since we'd stumbled upon this place, we decided to give it a try. There were plenty of great looking berries and the place was much less crowded than our usual spot. We only saw one other family come through while we were there for at least an hour. We enjoyed a conversation with the owner, who if I remember correctly is a professor of agriculture at a university in one of the Carolinas during the winter months and he then travels up to Indiana for the summer months. He was fascinating and full of information. Oh, and it was just $1.50 a pound to pick your own. What a bargain!

Once we got home and were sorting them out we found some biggies - like quarter size! I can't wait to make a trip there again!


  1. Yummy! I love blueberries...following from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop


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