Chef Klaus' Bier Stube: Schnitzel Time

So, last week I posted on our recent visit to Chef Klaus' Bier Stube in Frankfort, but only got as far as the beverages and appetizers. The imported beer options were cause for smiles and the Stuffed Portabella appetizer was beyond awesome!!!

Now...on to the entrees. I am fond of several German specialities, but my hands down fave is wiener schnitzel. I know there are so many variations, but I love it in its simplest form with just a little lemon juice on top. So, that's what I ordered...a comfortable choice of thin battered-pork crisped and browned. I love the adorable little yellow cheesecloth wraps on the lemons tied with a cute green little bow. Awesome idea! No more seeds slipping out as you squeeze. Mine was perfect.

Hubby ordered Jaeger Schnitzel, which had the addition of brown gravy and mushroom. He was quite happy with his choice.

On the side was fried potatoes - a simple side dish that I adore. I've often had it with a bit of onion added in.  This version was a little different than what I'm used to, with diced sausage and green onion. It did add a bit of flavor, but I think I like the stripped down version a little better. With a milder meat and potato side, it makes the red cabbage even tastier.