A salad bowl is a blank canvas

I love salads. I can't imagine someone not loving a salad of fresh greens, especially when you mix in some cheeses, meats, boiled eggs, croutons and dressing. Lately I've been buying packs of Artisan lettuce at Aldi with four varieties in a pack, so I'm enjoying mixing in some greens I don't usually have. And while I used to just add a little shredded cheddar on top, I'm becoming fond of bleu cheese, goat cheese, Harvati and other soft cheeses. When I'm on the ball and thinking ahead, I'll boil an egg and cook some bacon and reserve some for a salad. Occasionally, I'll put some walnuts or almonds in a salad, but I've never been big on nuts in my salads. However, I had the best salad of my life recently at Seasons 52 in Oak Brook. It had greens, portabella mushrooms, pistachios and truffle dressing. It. Was. Amazing!

Next on my list is to try making some homemade dressings. I prefer the creamy dressings to the oil based ones and I've pinned a few that I look forward to trying. What's your favorite salad ingredient? Have you tried anything new in your salad lately?