Strawberry topping

After we picked 4 buckets of strawberries, I went looking for an easy jam recipe. It was my first time giving it a try. I found a recipe online that sounded super easy. It was just sugar and lemon juice simmered for 10 minutes, then strawberries are added and it is cooked slowly for 20 more minutes. It didn't specify what to do with the strawberries before adding them. I couldn't imagine you'd put them in whole. I diced them up because I like slightly lumpy and placed them in the pan.Well, at the end there was still a lot of juice. 

Here's the recipe I used: 

3 cups strawberries
1 1/2 cup sugar
Juice and zest of one large lemon

Cook lemon juice and zest and sugar on low for 10 minutes. Add strawberries and cook on low for 20 more minutes.

I went ahead and put it in a jar, wondering if it might thicken a little as it sat in the fridge. It didn't, but I realized that it would make a perfect topping for ice cream. And this morning I put some on the pancakes and it worked pretty well on there, too. :)