So, recently my niece's wedding shower was held at Jane's in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. What a delightful place. My sister-in-law and her youngest daughter had the place decked out in shades of pink, the bride's favorite color. They did an awesome job. And the food was spectacular. These were our lunch options:

BlueberryStrawberry/Peach Crepes, served with roasted potatoes and turkey sausage.

Pan-Seared Chicken Breast
with Toscano salami, arugula, Balsamic & Provolone on French bread 

Chopped Asian Chicken Salad 
field greens, carrots, daikon radish, napa cabbage, red onions & wontons tossed in honey mustard rice-wine vinaigrette

Angel hair pasta, cilartro, spinach, tomato, chipotle pesto and cotija cheese

House made quinoa and vegetable garden burger, topped wtih mushrooms, sauteed in red wine and monterey jack cheese, served with mashed potatoes and balsamic salad.

And the bride, center, with her sister and maid of honor on left and my sister -in-law on right.