The Giant Turtle

So, over the years I've made many visits to various locations of the South Bend Chocolate Company. I've tried many different items. Everything is amazing...the chocolate covered raisins, the fudge, the chocolate covered Oreos, the chocolate mints, the chocolate bars. favorite? Turtles. Not just regular sized ones, but the Giant Turtle...milk chocolate, please. :)


  1. I love turtles and I'm completely jealous of you looking at the photo of the giant turtle! We don't have anything like that near us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, I feel for you. :) Actually, there's not one very close to me, but whenever I'm in South Bend (a little over an hour away) or Valparaiso (about 45 minutes away), I stop there for goodies. :) You can order from them online.

  3. On our trip out East, we found some South Bend Chocolate Company shops at the Indiana rest areas. We are going through in a couple of weeks and of course will be stopping! I love the caramels. Maybe I will try the turtle this time. Looks great!

    I love this place. There are some shops in Michigan that we frequent when staying in New Buffalo.


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