Food Challenges Around the Midwest To Try

Most of us are probably equally impressed and disgusted by food challenges. It's both mind-boggling and horrifying when someone downs 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. But, yet, it's something that intrigues us and is hard to look away from. 

While not all food challenges are as extreme as Nathan's Hot Dog competition, one of the events to start the competitive food eating trend, they aren't meant to be easy. If you're up for trying out a food challenge, here are five in the Midwest to consider trying. In some cases your meal is free if you finish and in other competitions you might win a t-shirt or bragging rights and your picture up on a wall of fame.

“The Don” Pizza Challenge
Mama Mia
Rockford, IL

“The Don” Pizza Challenge: 1 32-inch pizza must be eaten in less than 45 minutes by 2 people.

Santa’s Fire & Ice Challenge 
Santa’s Candy Castle
Santa Claus, IN

Eat a pound of fire popcorn and drink a half-gallon of frozen hot chocolate in under an hour. We happen to walk into Santa’s Candy Castle as a guy was just starting the challenge and we watched him finish successfully.

Cheesie’s Challenge and Mega Cheesie’s Challenge
Cheesie’s Pub & Grub
Chicago and Evanston, IL

There are two challneges. First, the Cheesie’s Challenge of a 4-pound grilled cheese and a pound of fries in under 45 minutes. The second one is the Mega Cheesie’s Challenge of an 8-lb grilled cheese in under 60 minutes.

The Beast Challenge
Lindy's Chili and Gertie's Ice Cream
Bridgeview, IL

See if you can finish off an 18-scoop sundae that also includes six bananas and 3 brownies in less than an hour. If you're successful it's free and you get your name and photo up on the Wall of Fame. Fail and you end up on the Wall of Shame.