Indy Perk

I was recently in Whiting, Indiana for a pre-opening peek at the new Mascot Hall of Fame. After I finished I started driving back west on 119th street and thinking about a cute little cafe I loved to stop in called Pie Eyed that is no longer there. I was happy, however, to see that the former space in a charming historic building was occupied. It was now Indy Perk, a coffee shop and cafe. I decided to pop in for a tea and was pleased to see that they had a nice sandwich menu. 

It was a few days before Christmas and they had a Holiday Bird Club Sandwich as a special. It had turke, bacon, mixed greens, havarti, tomato and cranberry aioli on focaccia. It was a superb sandwich - the kind I could eat every single day and not get tired of it. I paired it with a mango iced tea.

I talked to one of the employees and found out it's been there for just over a year. I've been to Whiting a couple times in the past year and I can't believe I missed it. I'm looking forward to stopping there again when I head to the beach when the weather warms. Whiting is an adorable town and I've been so impressed by the efforts that have been made there to draw in tourists and make the most of this little gem of a town and the beautiful lakeshore. If you've never been there before, it's well worth the visit - there's a beautiful ball field (home of the NWI Oilmen), a historic movie theatre, a craft brewery, Whihala Beach and the Woah Zone Floating Water Park, Pierogi Fest (of course!), summer cruise nights and the new Mascot Hall of Fame. And while checking out all of the fun, Indy Perk is a perfect stop to stop for a beverage or a bite.

Indy Perk
1600 119th St.
Whiting, IN
(219) 407-7816