Nashville Pedal Tavern

Several years ago while visiting Indianapolis, we saw these big carts on the road with passengers seated who were pedaling as the went along. Their "bicycle pub" was called the Handle Bar and ever since we spotted it, hubby has been wanting to go on one. 

Later we saw the Pedal Tavern in Milwaukee and again hubby kept talking and talking about it. On both of those trips we were traveling with the kids, so squeezing it in would have meant he would have had to have gone alone while I stayed back at the hotel with the kids.

In December, we had the chance to take a getaway on our own without any kids. We'd won a contest from Surgeon Revelation and the grand prize was airfare and lodging for two to Nashville. I was so super excited about it when I heard we'd won. The contest required a little essay about someone who makes a difference in the lives of others. I put my writing skills to work and penned a paragraph about my hardworking hubby who makes an impact on many people in his job as a firefighter and paramedic. 

The trip happened to be about two weeks before his 50th birthday, so we kind of made this trip into a birthday celebration and took full advantage of the opportunity to galavant around this fun city with no kids in tow. I could count on one hand the number of little getaways we had taken one our own since becoming parents 24 years ago. This was our first time flying somewhere together since our honeymoon way back in 1991. It was a great little getaway that we were so grateful to be able to take.

We arrived at the airport on a Saturday around lunchtime and first thing we did was head to a trolley stop for a bus tour. As we made our way around town, these pedal taverns were popping up and hubby knew he had to take the chance to cross this off his bucket list. We went online and found there were several of these roaming bars in the city. Nashville Pedal Tavern had some open slots and we booked. Although it was early December, the temps were unseasonably warm and close to 70 degrees during the day. It was a little chillier at night, but still perfect for a ride through downtown on a Pedal Tavern.

Our tour took us downtown to Lower Broadway where many of the honkey tonks had the windows open with the nice weather and music could be heard as we made our way down the street. They don't serve drinks on the ride, but you can bring your own, which they put in a cooler and dole out to you as stops are made. 

I think we had 13 people on our ride, including a lively bunch from New Jersey who had just left the Titans vs. Jets game. I'm really glad that when we first got to do a Pedal Tavern ride, we did it in Nashville. It was such a friendly place with so much to do - with a great vibe and just oozing with excitement, especially if you are a country music fan like I am.

If you are spending time in Nashville and can fit it in to your trip, I highly suggest taking a fun Pedal Tour. It will be such a fun memory of Music City.

On our tour we had time for two stops and visited - Swingin' Doors Saloon and Headquarters Beercade Nashville where there were drink specials available as part of the tour. When we finished our ride, we were just around the corner from Martin's BBQ Joint and we stopped for a late-night bite.

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