Night Train Pizza

On a trip last month to Nashville, my husband and I had quite a bit of good food to eat. A lot of it was barbecue or fried chicken or meals that included biscuits and cornbread. I loved all of it. One afternoon as we had a little time to kill before heading out on a pedal tavern tour, hubby found a cigar lounge and we decided to stop there. Next door was Night Train Pizza, so I went in to order something for us for dinner while he had his cigar next door.

Based on past experience, I've learned that I have to have low expectations on pizza when I travel outside Chicago because so often the pizza just doesn't measure up, but this place truly impressed me. They had some creative recipes on the menu and it was really, really good pizza - as good as I've had in many Chicago area pizza joints and better than others.

When I walked in alone the place was pretty empty. There were only three customers in the place - all seated at the bar. I got a lovely welcome when I came in and a young couple invited me to sit by them. I enjoyed chatting with the newlyweds - Hope and Miller - who had been working on wedding thank you notes.

I mentioned that I was a food blogger and from Chicago and they quickly gave recommendations. One was the Union Station pizza with bianca sauce, roasted corn, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, cilantro and chili lime spice. I also was urged to add the blackened chicken. It was amazing! I'm a sucker for Mexican street corn and this addition of roasted corn on the pizza was genius. 

I also tried the Casey Jones meat lover's pizza with red sauce, pepperoni, bacon, sausage and ground beef with a caesar salad (except that it was during that brief period of the recall on everything containing romaine lettuce, so it was a modified caesar with arugula and other mixed greens).

I had such a good time chatting with this friendly couple, who then went on to give us other recommendations of places to eat and things to see before we left town. I so appreciated the southern hospitality.

If you find yourself in Nashville and homesick for some good pizza, be sure to try this spot out.

Night Train Pizza
600 9th Ave S, Suite 100
(615) 540-0318