Put the Indiana Pork Tenderloin Trail on Your Foodie Bucket List

Ok, I can be a little intense and irrational and downright insane when it comes to food. What can I say? I'm a passionate foodie. 

When I plan out a trip, I often look up restaurants before I look up the attractions. I plan the itinerary around meals when I'm on the road. I'll drive miles and sometimes even hours out of the way to try something that I saw a photo of on Facebook. So, the idea of food trails and food tours really excites me. And I'm eyeing one food trail, in particular - Indiana's Pork Tenderloin Trail.

Although I live like a stone's throw from Indiana in Chicago's south suburbs, I never realized what a big thing pork tenderloin was in the Hoosier state until just a couple years ago. I dine out often in Northwest Indiana and the restaurants in this area really don't highlight it if they serve it at all. I had to travel much further into the state to learn how popular pork tenderloin is. 

I've been a fan of breaded pork for a very, very long time. I married the son of a German immigrant and in my teens when we were dating, the family introduced me to wiener schnitzel. It was love at first bite. It was served with lemon wedges aside a big serving of German fried potatoes and a dish of red cabbage accompanied by a slice of dark rye bread. So to me, that's how breaded pork was served. I really didn't know that one state away people were placing these nicely fried pork pieces onto buns with mayo and a side of fries or onion rings. 

Of course, I fell in love with Hoosier-style schnitzel - the pork tenderloin sandwich - and now as I travel around the state, I always look to see if it's on a menu. Since discovering it, I've tried it at many places. I think one of the best ones I had was at a Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball game.

Lucky for me, the Indiana Foodways Alliance has compiled a long list of places to get a great pork tenderloin sandwich and a road trip to see how many I can try is now on my foodie bucket list. It would be really hard to try every one listed because there are 52 spots currently on the trail. Yes! 52! So if you wanted to try a new pork tenderloin every week for a year, you could take a look and knock your socks off.

Here's just a sampling of five of the spots along the Tenderloin Lovers Trail. For the full list and for other foodie trails, visit IndianaFoodways.com.


  1. I remember many years ago the Streamliner in Rochester had one of the best tenderloin sandwiches there was.

  2. I have actually never had a pork tenderloin sandwich, but it looks good!

  3. Whoa! I also live closeby but had no idea they had a trail dedicated to pork tenderloin. Definitely will need to check this out.

  4. Those fried pickles look amazing! I'm always looking for ones that compare to the MN State Fairs!


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