Celebrating Two Years of Food Blogging

Last week, we celebrated two years of blogging at Chicago Foodie Sisters. What started out as a little hobby among us two sisters who have a fondness of food has grown quite a bit.

I was just taking a peek at what the blog stats look like. It feels great for it to be just half way through the day and see that you've already had 300 views so far that day. We've had 70,000 views since the blog began. Last month there were over 7,000 views and that number keeps growing. That makes me happier than a chocolate chip in a truffle covered with Madagascar chocolate and sea salt...or something like that. :)

It's also been so exciting to see that we get so many views from people all over the world. They also share their recipes and foodie tips and we learn more about the foodie world from that input.

While my sister, Becky, isn't all that active on the blog, she posts photos and status updates on our Facebook page. And she's been a busy gal these days, so we'll cut her some slack. She got married earlier this year and now has a baby on the way (one who I'm sure will be eating well!)

We've enjoyed attending foodie events, being invited to media dinners, having the opportunity to sample new products and just sharing reviews of places we dine at and sharing mouthwatering photos of the goodies we get to taste.

It's been a lot of work keeping up the blog and making sure that there is at least one post daily, but it's so much fun that it doesn't feel like work. I love cooking and eating and sharing my foodie experiences.  I also love interacting with foodie friends on our blog's Facebook page, which has almost 4,000 fans now!

I thank everyone for coming a long on the ride. And I'd love it if you'd do me a favor and leave me a comment below about a blog post that you've enjoyed.

~ Foodie Sister Carrie

That's me, Carrie, in back on the left with foodie sister Becky sitting in front of me. On the right at the top is our sister, Jenny, who lives in central Illinois and seated in front of her is our sister, Pam, who just relocated from the Chicago suburbs to Arizona. And in the center is our mom, Kathie, who always cooked such wonderful food for us -- like the best chicken and dumplings ever!!!


  1. Happy Two Year Anniversary! Hope you have continued success in the blogging world!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


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