What's Cookin' in Charleston, IL

As a gift to my dad for Father's Day, I took him on a road trip to Charleston, IL, which is where he was born and grew up. It was a fun day that included seeing the home he was born in, visiting his grade school and high school and college campus. I have a couple cousins who still live in Charleston and we met them for lunch at a spot one of them, Tom, recommended called What's Cookin'.

He made a good pic and it was a cute little place right off the town square with good food. Here's a rundown of what everyone ordered.

My son's bbq pork sandwich.

My other sons, meal - chocolate chip pancakes and sausage.

Mine - a half order of biscuits and gravy and a side of hashbrowns. Both were fantastic!!!!!

My cousin's wife, Julie, had a taco salad.

My cousin Steve's patty melt with fries.

Dad's BLT. (I commented on how good his sandwich looked and he commented on how good my biscuits and gravy looked, so we swapped 1/2 a sandwich for half the biscuits and hash browns. The BLT was delish!

My cousin, Tom, went for a full order of biscuits and gravy.

And here's Tom and Julie.

My cousin, Steve, and my Dad.

And my two sons.

They had homemade strawberry bread that looked pretty good. Dad got a loaf to bring home. I'll have to get a report on how it was.

The cute wall decoration behind the register.
This will definitely be the place I'll stop at next time I'm in town and am looking for something to eat. :)