Mushroom, Onion, Cheddar Burger

Summer means lots of time spent grilling and lots of burgers. While I always like them best when they are made from fresh ground round or ground beef and formed before cooking, I do always keep a stock of frozen burgers in the freezer. I am quite picky, though. I don't grab the cheap, thin ones that are 80% lean or less that shrivel up into a thin little hockey puck.

I either order some from Market Day, which are good quality and a little thicker than most store bought frozen ones. I also get the store ones from Strack and Van Til when I go there. Sometimes they are already frozen when I buy them and sometimes I buy them raw and end up freezing them.

Anyway, here's an example of one of our summer burgers - a Market Day patty covered with Extra Sharp Cheddar, lettuce from the garden, mayo and some grilled onions and mushrooms. Oh, and a toasted bun is always a nice touch. This one is on a toasted Kaiser bun.

I had mine with a Hasselback potato on the side (with cheese, bacon bits, sour creams and fresh chives) and a glass of peach iced tea with fresh mint.