Anniversary Cake from Calumet Bakery

Our family orders a lot of cakes from the Calumet Bakery here in Lansing. They've done lots of cakes for birthdays and showers and other special occassions and it's a frequent stop on Saturday mornings for doughnuts as we pass it on the way to the bowling alley for the Saturday morning league.

Their cakes are real works of art. Take a look at this!!!

My sis said she thought there was some confusion during the order because she ordered raspberry ganache, but she thought she was getting it with chocolate frosting. Instead it had a raspberry topping, which got rave reviews, even without chocolate. The outside was covered with toasted coconut, which gave it the taste of a raspberry zinger. Remember those? They were made by Hostess and disappeared last year along with Twinkies and Ho-Hos and Suzy Q's.

Anyway, this cake was incredible! And added a nice touch to this very special day - my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.