Stan's Donuts coming to Chicago

I got something in my inbox today that made me excited! I'm a huge fan of Labriola breads and according to the news release below, Labriola has partnered with California-based Stan's Donuts to bring those recipes to Chicago. Watch for it in the fall!


Local Artisan Baker and Restaurateur Rich Labriola Brings the California Gourmet Donut Shop to Chicagoland in Fall 2013

CHICAGO (July 9, 2013)--Stan’s Donuts, originally of Westwood, CA, is opening in Chicago in the fall of 2013.  Stan’s has entered into a licensing agreement with Chicago artisan bread maker and restaurateur Rich Labriola to bring Stan’s Donuts to Wicker Park.  Stan’s Donuts has been a Westwood staple for almost 50 years. 

“The donut shop will be a true coffee/donut shop with fresh-made donuts and our own brand of specialty-roasted coffee,” states Labriola.  “We are also bringing something new to the donut world—donuts from an artisan bread baker’s point of view and expertise.  Our donuts will rely on Stan Berman’s 50 years of gourmet donut making, and combine with my 20 years of artisan bread making, making Stan’s a true Chicago donut shop.”

The yeast-raised and cake donuts will be made with specially-formulated bread starters to add that extra element of taste and mouth feel that doesn’t exist in today’s donut world.  Labriola also notes he will bring Stan’s Los Angeles specialties, like the peanut butter pocket, and share them with the city of Chicago. 

Rich Labriola founded Labriola Baking Company in 1993, and Labriola Café in 2008. Labriola Baking is well-known for some of the best artisan breads in the US.  Labriola café in Oakbrook set new standards of food excellence for upscale fast casual from the time it opened in November 2008.