Summer steak and sides

So much of our summer cooking is done on the grill. We acquired a new grill (well, new to us) this spring and my husband really loves it. It is natural gas and he has always wanted one of those. He installed a gas line and no longer has to worry about running out of propane. It is a six-burner and way bigger than our last Weber, which now allows him to cook enough meat for our family at of 7 at one time and there's still room to make sides. It also has a side burner.

What is better on the grill than a good steak? Normally, when we want to have steak I will head to a local meat market or our local grocery store and make them from fresh. However, once in a while I'll get a box of frozen steaks from Market Day or Schwan's to keep on hand for when we get the taste of steak, but don't feel like running out. I've never been wowed by those frozen steaks. They are good quality and have good flavor, but I've always felt like they just don't measure up to a fresh one.

This steak changed my mind. I had bought a box of sirloin steaks from Schwan's and they were amazing! Hubby cooked them to perfection on the grill - medium. I topped them with a dollop of a sour cream, chive and blue cheese mix.

1/4 cup sour cream
2 tsp. blue cheese
fresh chives, chopped

I love all the summer sides we make on the grill, too. This meal included a watermelon salad that I also used as a salsa topping on some grilled salmon. There were peppers and zucchini made in a foil packet on the grill, some fresh green beans with almonds also made in a foil packet and some Yukon golds with bacon bits and broccoli that I threw together in the microwave. Summer eating is the best. Don't you agree?