Blizzards are a perfect warm weather treat

I like to think that I do not spoil my kids. I try to teach them to work for what they get. I don't buy them toys or other items regularly - they wait for holidays and birthdays. If there's something special they want, they save up for it. But...I admit that there's one area when I do "spoil" them, if you'd call it that. There's a Dairy Queen on the way to the doctor's office and we almost never leave the doctor without an ice cream treat afterwards. This week it was time for some yearly check-ups. And a Midnight Truffle blizzard. :)

And a Confetti Cake Blizzard.


  1. This looks yummy! Popping over from the hop to say hi!

  2. I miss the cotton candy blizzards they were so yummy! Except I always find them so sweet I can never finish one hehe.
    New follower from bloghop :)


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