Howard's own seasoning blend gives a zip to steaks

Ok, I love my veggies. I love them a lot. I can't really think of a veggie that I won't eat. However, I could never become a vegetarian. I just love meat too much. I especially love steak too much. During the summer, my husband is usually on grill duty and he does it quite well. Sometimes he marinates the meats in advance, but most of the time they simply go on the grill with a bit of seasoning.

Ever since I tried the seasoning blend from Howard's Meats in Munster, it has become my favorite. It's their own blend, sold in little plastic cups with lids -- like the kind you'd get your sour cream in with a carry out meal. The blend is wonderful! It helps to bring out the natural flavor of the steak without over-powering it. If you happen to be in Northwest Indiana, swing by Howard's for some of their secret spice.