Palmer Place offers huge beer selection

My husband and father-in-law stopped for lunch last week at the Palmer Place Restaurant and Biergarten in LaGrange. My father-in-law had done his homework. They were headed to a trade show and he wanted to find a lunch spot to stop at on the way home. This is the place he picked -- with over 300 bottled beers from around the world and about three dozen on tap.

After my hint that it was time to take me to lunch, too, my husband I returned the following day for lunch. Here's the sample paddle he got. I'm not that big on beer. The first one was Blue Moon Belgium White Ale. Blue Moon is one of my favorites -- always with a wedge of orange in it. The one on the left was really good -- Samuel Adams Twisted Tea. I love places where you have an opportunity to try small amounts of several beers and this is a great place to try out a few. Oh, and the food was pretty awesome, too. I'll get to that in an upcoming post. The large building is located in the business district just down the street from the Metra stop and next to the historic district. Reserve a little time for a walk through town while you're there. Lots of great little shops, a theatre and many more eateries. I popped in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some dessert. That's also coming in a later post.