Summer on a bun

We do a lot of outdoor cooking in the summer months. When we were newly married, it was pretty much hot dogs and hamburgers. Over the years, we've evolved to doing veggie blends on the grill, chicken, pork, steaks, shish kabobs, corn on the cob, pizzas, fish. My husband even likes to do breakfast on the grill - pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage in his cast iron pans.

A favorite grill food of mine is bratwurst. There are few things that scream SUMMER like a grilled bratwurst. There are several toppings that can make their way on to brats - among them sauerkraut, onions, grilled peppers, tomatoes or cheese. I prefer mine on a toasted bun with a smear of spicy mustard. This one has mustard from Drier's Meat Market in Three Oaks, Michigan. We head up to that area several times a year and I always pick up a jar of mustard when I'm there. It's the perfect accompaniment to a grilled brat -- or as I like to call it -- Summer on a bun!