Salmon satisfies seven

There are seven people in our household. Me, my husband and our five sons, ages 18, 13, 10, 8 and 7. While the picky nature of a couple of them has improved some, it's really hard to put an entree on the table that every single person is completely in love with. All but one like tacos. All but one like hot dogs. Two aren't fond of shrimp. The kids all like pasta, but it's not my favorite. One doesn't like hamburgers. What does everyone like? I think I could count them on one hand. Yes, I know I could:

1) Pork
2) Chicken
3) Steak
and of course, 4) pizza -- but the family is split. Two boys like pepperoni, three like sausage, my husband and I like veggies on ours.
and lastly, 5) salmon.

It makes me happy that all of them enjoy salmon. I'd much rather feed them salmon than fish sticks or breaded fish (even if it costs quite a bit more.) The easiest route to go with salmon is to order the grilled salmon filets I love from Market Day or the seasoned salmon, both of which are individually wrapped. Throw some rice or mixed veggies with it and you've got an easy and healthy meal. I put the salmon in a foil packet with lemon slices on top and put them on the grill and in minutes they're ready to go.