Reminds me of Pocky

For several years, my sister has hosted foreign exchange students and many of them came from Asian countries. One great thing about meeting so many foreign visitors is that you often get to sample some of the snacks they bring from back home. This is how I fell in love with Royce Chocolates and Tim Tams.

One of the treats we loved that were brought by a girl from Japan were Pocky Sticks. They were light little biscuits partly dipped in chocolate. Yesterday I was in Target and came across these in their dollar bins at the front of the store. It had those light little biscuits and then had a chocolate hazelnut creme (basically a Nutella knock-off) for dipping. It's called Yan Yan and is manufactured in Singapore by Meiji Seika. If you happen to see some, grab them up. They are tasty! :)