How do you top your dog?

Back in college, I worked three jobs. One was at my brother-in-law's hot dog stand, where hot dogs were made "Chicago-style." There was no ketchup. Mustard went on first, then tomato wedges and diced onions and cucumbers which we had sliced and partially peeled to give the appearance of stripes on the sides. If desired, hot or sweet peppers topped that and then celery salt was sprinkled on top. I still love to throw a little celery salt on top.

My son had some buddies over recently and we had made burgers, bratwurst and hot dogs. He topped his with ketchup, mustard and grilled onions and mushrooms. Interesting. What do you put on yours?


  1. Hello Chicago Food Sisters,

    I hope you are well.

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    Do you think you would be interested in participating, attending or posting a "Call to Chefs?" Its a post that encourages people to sign up and compete. Our goal is to create a community of fun foodies, where you leave the event with more friends than you had that morning.

    We have some great local judges including

    Chef Todd Stein, Executive Chef, Piccolo Sogno Due
    Blake Royer, Serious Eats Chicago, Sausage City
    Josh Modell, Editor, A.V. Club, The Onion
    David Hammond, Food Writer / Detective / Producer
    Chef David Posey, Chef, Blackbird
    Chef Joe Doren, Head Chef, Franks n Dawgs
    Gary Wiviott, BBQ Pitmaster

    I would like to send you a press release and tell you more. Please contact me

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