Steak and eggs

The past couple weeks my husband had several days off work and it's been nice to spend some extra time together. On Thursday, I was in the cast of a show called  Listen To Your Mother at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, Indiana, produced and directed by Stephanie Precourt. The show featured 14 women sharing stories on motherhood, each reading an original piece. 

I made sure I had nothing on the calendar that day except going for a manicure. Hubby offered to make lunch. Eggs are his specialty...he makes a mean omelet or skillet. So, steak and eggs it was, both made outside on the grill. He's proud that he's finally figuring out the hot spots on the grill to get the steaks just the right amount of pink in the middle.

So, lunch was great and the show was a huge success. It sold out! :)