Purdue Northwest Offers Lunch in the Hospitality and Tourism Dining Room

For the past few years I have tried to make it out at least once each semester to the weekly dinners in the dining room at Purdue University Northwest's campus in the Hospitality and Tourism Management building. After I had gone to a few dinners, I discovered that the dining room was also open once a week for lunch. 

Each Wednesday, students get an opportunity to learn about all aspects of restaurant management and those who stop in to dine get a lovely meal - at a really good price. It had been a while since I'd been there for lunch and since the semester will be nearing an end soon, I wanted to get there before the dining room closed for the holiday break.

This time I got time to enjoy lunch with my 20-year-old son. His classes weren't happening until that evening so he was free to have lunch with me.

Each week there is a different theme and this time it was "Texas." We each enjoyed a bowl of taco soup. His entree was the Scott's Beef Brisket, which I tried too. It was super tender and served with butter garlic green beans and Mexican rice. I ordered the cajun shrimp, which was very good.

The portions are adequate and I could have easily stopped there, but when they have a Chocoflan cake on the menu for just $2.50, how can you pass it up?

The best way to get info on upcoming dinners is to call (219) 989-3244 and ask to be added to their email list. Then you'll get emails a week or two in advance of each dinner with the menu items and instructions on when to call for reservations.