Cindy’s Diner

I took a little trip this past week to Fort Wayne and one place I knew I wanted to stop to eat while I was there was Cindy's Diner. I love nostalgic little places and the last time I was in town and noticed it while driving by, it was too late in the day to stop. It's open for breakfast and lunch only.

So, I squeezed in a little time to stop for brunch on a rainy fall day at this cute little diner that dates back to 1952, when it was one of the first "fast food" restaurants in Fort Wayne and purchased for $6,000.

It's had several names and been moved to several different locations over the years. In 1990 it became Cindy's Diner. 

With just 15 counter seats, it's a cozy little spot that can be hard to get into during busy times. However, the staff is quick to pour you a cup of coffee as you're taking your seat and I think I spent more time deciding what to order than waiting for my food to cook.

We didn't have a big window of time before our lunch reservation, so we wanted to go light. Hubby and I split the "Garbage," a mix of eggs, potatoes, cheese, onions and ham. I love egg scrambles and this hit the spot. It came with toast and I added a side of crispy bacon. What is pictured is a half order and it was plenty.

Prices are super reasonable. The Garbage breakfast was only $6.75.

There's a fun bit of decor and quirky signs - as much as they can fit in the little dining room. My eye immediately caught the W flag hanging from the ceiling and I felt right at home. 

If you're in Fort Wayne and looking for a hearty, inexpensive meal in a fun, nostalgic setting, this is your place.

There's not a dedicated free parking lot for the diner, but you can park in the lot behind it for $2 or on the street in front of it in the metered parking spots, which have a one hour minimum at $1.

Cindy's Diner
230 W. Berry St.
Fort Wayne, IN