Happy National Pizza Day! Here are Twenty-one Pizzas to Try!

Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? Today is a day that celebrates that delish dish of crust and gooey cheese - and meats and veggies. The beauty of it is that it is so versatile - and it's so personal. Some people are dead set on the way they like their pizza and they never stray. But if you're up for trying some new varieties, here's a list of some that we've tried and love to get you started. Happy National Pizza Day!

1. Vito & Nick's

If you like old school thin tavern cut, this is your place!

2. Trail's Edge Brewing

This place cooks up some pretty delicious fire baked pizzas to go with their awesome beer!

You can't go wrong with Beggar's. They lay it on thick! What's not to love about that?

This pan pizza is in a class of it's own. Nothing else like it!

If you like fire-grilled flatbread, you'll love this spot.

6. Sage

If you find yourself in downtown Valparaiso, IN, stop over at Sage. And if the weather is cooperating, enjoy a pizza on the patio!

This classic old-school carry out place offers a nice thin crust variety (and then head down the street to get some Zarlengo's gelato for dessert!)

8. Lou Malnati's

If you have never tried Lou's, do yourself a favor and put it high on your priority list. This is Chicago deep dish at its finest with the best sweet sauce you can imagine.

This popular south side pizzeria also has a Schererville location. You can take the pizzeria out of the south side, but you can't take the south side out of the pizza!!!

Back in 2016, Olive Theory ran a limited time special from the Chicago Foodie Sisters called "The Big W." This is a picture of it! Anyone can create their own masterpiece at this fun spot that specializes in individual pizzas.

Nancy's is a favorite and whenever the sister's are together at Becky's place and want to order pizza, it's usually a classic thin crust from Nancy's.

Just stumbled upon this place in Wrigleyville following a Cubs game and fell in love. Ever tried Mac & Cheese pizza? You need to try it here!

The original Glenwood location is long gone, but you can still enjoy their amazing stuffed pizza and other varieties in Highland and Dyer, Indiana.

Formerly Pizza Barra, this place has some pretty awesome thin crust.

This is another classic Chicago-area joint that you just HAVE to try. It's good an at any location, but it's AMAZING when you get it at the original Homewood location made in the "old oven" on request. 

Home Run Inn is another Chicago classic with it's own distinct flavor. Definitely worth a trip to try it if you never have.

Although best known for their Italian beef, there's much more on the menu and their pizza is pretty tasty. It comes in one size that is perfect for one person. They often run $5 and $6 specials, which is a great deal. Try the Italian Beef and Giardiniera one!!

18. Stephano's 

This longtime Lansing neighborhood pizzeria has expanded to a huge menu in recent years, but they still do classic thin crust well.

Schererville, Indiana's Tomato Bar has some interesting combos if that's what you like or you can go old school like we did with sausage, mushroom and green pepper.

While this place is more focused on pastas and entrees, they have a really yummy pizza margherita that you should have as an appetizer before your entree. :)

Located in Gary's Miller neighborhood, this place has been serving up delicious old school pizza for decades. 


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