Gur Sweets in Elmhurst adds sandwiches, plans food demo Thursday at Water Tower Place

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Gur Sweets Bakery August News & Specials 

Indulge both your sweet and savory senses at Gur Sweets this month with summer flavors, new lunch options and a pop-up shop at Water Tower Place

Let's Do Lunch
You can already purchase your favorite sweet treats from Gur Sweets and now, you can order your favorite sandwiches, too. Beginning this month, Gur Sweets will roll out a "grab and go" lunch/dinner menu for commuters who want to pick up lunch on the way to the train or locals who want to grab a fresh, healthy, from-scratch lunch or dinner. 

First on the menu is fresh chicken salad, made with pure white meat, fresh herbs, green chiles, onions, mayonnaise and fresh spices, served on Gur Sweets house-made, freshly baked bread ($3.49).  

Every Friday, Gur Sweets will serrve Chicken Biryani, a rice dish made with from slow-cooked chicken, fresh Indian spices and aromatic Basmati rice pilaf. Garnished with caramelized onions, cilantro and green chilies, Biryani is served with own yogurt sauce ($4.99). 

Get Refreshed
The dog days of summer are in full swing! Cool off with one of Gur Sweets' special summer treats next time you need some cold refreshment. Gur Sweets will offer the following items: 
  • Fruit chaat: Packed with mixed fruit flavors and zesty spices, Fruit chaat, a street food sold in bazaars and markets in Pakistan and north India, is rich in taste and nutrients. An exotic summer salad, fruit chaat is low in calories and the perfect healthy "pick me up" ($2.99). 
  • Mango Ice Cream: Smooth and refreshing mango ice cream garnished with strawberry and mint, is the perfect way to beat the August heat ($2.99). 
  • Lassi: A traditional, yogurt-based drink that originated in India, lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and fruit. Enjoy it in flavors such as original sweet or salty, mango and key lime at Gur Sweets ($2.99-$3.99). 
  • Rose Drink: Skip your afternoon soda and sample a rose drink, a popular South Asian flavor known as a culinary staple in South Asia ($2.49). 
  • Rose Lemonade: Nothing says summer like lemonade and Gur Sweets borrows a bit of South Asian tradition for this refreshing beverage. Made with fresh lemons and rose oil, it's a perfect summer thirst-quencher ($2.99).  
Join Gur Sweets at Foodease Market:  
On Thursday, August 15th, Gur Sweets Bakery and chef Rubina Hafeez will be at Foodease Market in the Water Tower Place (835 North Michigan Avenue) selling a variety of Gurnuts, savory samosas and international pastries. 

Meet chef Rubina and learn more about her fusion baking techniques while sampling spicy samosas, besan barfi and of course, the croissant-donut hybrid that has been all the rage this summer.Thursday, August 15, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, Foodease Market, 835 North Michigan Avenue.

The Fine Print:
Gur Sweets Bakery, 162 North York Street in Elmhurst, IL. Visit or call 630-833-0008 to place orders for delivery in Chicagoland. Tuesday - Sunday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Visit or and follow us @GurSweets on twitter (#GurSweets).  

About Gur Sweets
Gur Sweets is a bakery in Elmhurst, IL founded in October 2012 by Rubina Hafeez. A former engineer who left the corporate world to pursue her passion for baking and earn a culinary degree, Hafeez is dedicated to ensuring that all of Gur Sweets' products, baked daily, meet the highest culinary standards. Gur Sweets only uses halal and kosher ingredients that have no preservatives, artificial flavors or animal byproducts.  For more information about Gur Sweets, call us 630-833-0008 or visit us at 162 North York Street, Elmhurst IL. Follow Gur Sweets on FacebookTwitter andPinterest