Monster Pizza and lots of other birthday goodies

Our sister, Jen, moved out of the Chicago area 8 years ago when she got married and had her first child.  She now resides in central Illinois and it's harder to get together. However, she does spend a week each summer at a time share that is a little west of Chicago in Sheridan, Illinois. While she's there, she has a big birthday bash for three of her four kids. Two of them share a July birthday and one has an August birthday. Her youngest was just born in January, so not sure how she's going to work in his birthday.

Anyway, the birthday party always means we will be treated to good food - and lots of it. I have really gotten to look forward to visiting because I know she is going to have pizza from Francesca's, a pizzeria just down the road. They make this huge one called a "Monster Pizza." She usually has some kind of pasta to go with it and bread. The pizza is really, really good. If you're in a time share group and ever end up staying at Silverleaf Resorts, you MUST give them a try -

Each year, she also has a theme. One year it was dinosaurs. Another year was Toy Story, I believe. I think one year was baseball. Last year was pirates. This year she had a candy theme. There was a candy bar loaded with goodies. Here's a peek at some of the yummy goodness we enjoyed.

Veggie trees

Candy bar

Pasta from Francesca's

Sesame Street fruit and veggie plates. How cute are these?

Francesca's Pizza - boy do I wish I had some of that right now!

Our family get-togethers often includes cookie's made by her friend Cheri, who is a creative cookie genius! She does amazing work and the cookies aren't only gorgeous, but they are delicious!